discover: lake louise ski resort.

Lake Louise Ski Resort 3D framed model.

mountain stats:

skiable terrain:

4,200+ acres / 1,699 ha

top elevation:

2,637 m / 8,650 ft


991 m / 3,250 ft

avg. annual snowfall:

5.2 m / 17 ft


◯ 25% / ▢ 45% / ♢+ 30%

number of lifts: 11

named runs: 164

located in lake louise, alberta, canada.

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the mountain in a nutshell.

Rumour has it that the first mention of the term "bluebird day" was coined after gazing at the stunning, crisp and clear skis of Lake Louise Ski Resort (don't fact check that). Located directly across the Bow Valley from the titular turquoise blue lake, Lake Louise Ski Resort's sunny days often come paired with bitter cold temperatures, resulting in the creation of another ski term, "dust on crust". Who would enjoy this type of mountain you may be asking yourself. Well the international athletes competing in the Audi FIS Ski World Cup that's who! Every November Banff National Park comes alive with the spirit of competition as skiers from around the world race down the firm challenging 991 metres (3,250 ft) of elevation that Lake Louise offers. 

But its not all ice and sunshine at Lake Louise, in fact the dryness of the Western Albertan mountains can produce one of the best conditions skiers could dream of, champagne powder. If you are lucky enough to ski Lake Louise after a 50cm dump of its famous champagne powder you will be in for a massive treat and some of the best laps of the winter... and maybe your life.