discover: whitewater ski resort.

Whitewater Mountain Resort 3D framed model.

mountain stats:

skiable terrain:

1,307 acres / 529 ha

top elevation:

2,002 m / 6,568 ft


614 m / 2,014 ft

avg. annual snowfall:

12 m / 40 ft


◯ 10% / ▢ 32% / ♢+ 58%

number of lifts: 5

named runs: 81

located near nelson, british columbia, canada.

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the mountain in a nutshell.

The retro feel of Whitewater Ski Resort (aka WH₂0) is a step back in time to the hot dogging powder hounds of yesteryear. Located near Nelson, British Columbia, the resort is simple and laid back, but true powder seekers don't need anything more considering that Whitewater receives a whopping 12 metres (40 ft.) of snowfall annually over its 623 metre (2,044 ft.) vertical drop. 

Its the true "no frills" ski hill of the Powder Highway. It doesn't try to compete with the bigger resorts with any fancy amenities. Want on hill accommodation? Too bad. How about a cozy gondola? Nope, get lost. A cell signal? Nice try, anybody that's worth calling is going to be at the mountain with you anyways. 

But hey, who needs all that when you've got one of the best annual snowfalls in the country? So here's to Whitewater, the small, humble, powdery gem of Canada.