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Teagan & Stuart

Co-Founders Teagan Boyle and Stuart Baker met in winter 2022 at a business school in Ontario, Canada. Having both recently moved back from living in the mountains, they immediately bonded over how much they missed being surrounded by peaks.

So they decided to bring the mountains to them, and thus little big mountains was formed. A company for mountain lovers, created by mountain lovers with one goal: help people bring the mountains home.

  • Teagan standing on a mountain with skis.

    TEAGAN BOYLE, Storytelling Wizard

    "While I grew up skiing in Ontario, I owe my own connection with the mountains to my dad. He first took me out west to Whistler when I was 16, then to Lake Louise when I was 17. Having lived in Banff during the 80s, my dad was so excited to share with me what the mountains meant to him. The year after our last trip, he passed away. The memories of those ski trips and the stories of Banff he would tell never went away, and inspired me to move to the Lake Louise for my own adventure.

    To me, the mountains now carry with them incredible memories of both my dad, and 3 years of memories living beside the most beautiful lake in Canada with incredible people. The models that we make serve as my own physical representation of the connection I've made with the mountains. I hope those who love the peaks as much as I do get a similar feeling from our little big mountains."

    favourite mountain: lake louise 
  • Stuart on skis.

    STUART BAKER, Operations Genius

    "Growing up vacation was synonymous with skiing. My parents met through a ski club. Racing on snow was how my winters were spent in the (mostly) flat southern Ontario growing up. The first chance I got to get out west I took, and moved to beautiful Utah, home of the Wasatch mountains and in many people’s opinions the greatest snow on earth.

    The calm we feel when we’re among these giants and the stories we create when we explore them with friends is why we made this company. For many of us not lucky enough to live in a ski town it’s the weekend trip or the annual vacation with friends that we fantasize about all year that connects us to the mountains. And while it’s nothing close to the real thing – we hope that when you look at your little big mountain you’re reminded of all the fun you’ve had and all that’s to come when you return home to them."

    favourite mountain: solitude mountain resort 
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