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little cottonwood canyon (snowbird & alta)

little cottonwood canyon (snowbird & alta)

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Little Cottonwood Canyon is home to two of the worlds top five snowiest ski resorts – Snowbird and Alta. In 2023 Alta broke its all-time snow record with over 900” (75’) of dry champagne powder dumping on the mountain town. In fact, the amount of snow that slams into this canyon in particular makes it one of the most dangerous and avalanche prone roads in the world. With over 50 slide paths crossing the 9-mile route up to these resorts, road closures are a fact of everyday winter life. The history of avalanche mitigation in the US has its roots right here. It was the first use of artillery cannons for the purpose of avalanche mitigation in the nation and to this day it is the only place in the US where artillery is permitted to be fired over inhabited areas. And they have to! Three quarters of the town of Alta at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon is in an avalanche runout zone. 

This amount of snow is both a blessing and a curse for Utah residents and winter visitors alike. Ever had so much snow that the resort stayed closed for days digging itself out? Little Cottonwood has. Ever made it up the canyon only to have it close behind you resulting in a “country club” day of face shots and ski on chairs? You know Little Cottonwood has. 

Snowbird is the first resort you’ll see as you make the trek up. Towering over 11,000 feet, Snowbird features endless off-piste skiing. If groomers are your forte – you might want to ski elsewhere as getting the most out of Snowbirds deep and plentiful bowls, cliffs and glades requires some expertise. That being said, if you like to huck cliffs and ski tight trees Snowbird is a paradise. The south facing mineral basin is known for its legendary rope-drops when ski patrol finally opens the terrain and also its uncanny tendency to get skied out in under 45 seconds as the stampede of powder seekers fight for their turns (seriously, google “Mineral Basin Rope Drop” and enjoy the carnage).

Alta is snowbirds more refined cousin. “No snowboarders allowed” they chant in unison with their Deer Valley companions across the Wasatch front. One of only three “skier only” resorts in the US Alta has decided to die on this hill (mountain?). If you snowboard – we’d recommend you switch even just for a day to experience Alta. The history of Alta is simply too long to delve into here. From a silver mining town in the 1860’s to its opening as a ski area in the 1930’s, Alta has worn many faces. Considered by many as the “holy grail” of powder skiing, its chutes simply cannot be beat. If apres is more your vibe and the party is why you’re here, make sure to go to Alta’s unofficial closing day party, loving coined “The Frank” by locals. Where its not about how pretty you make it look, but about how hard you charge and how much love you have for the process. 

Little Cottonwood: if you know, you know.  

Dimensions: 155mm x 155mm (6.1" x 6.1") 

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