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Nestled within view of several of Colorado’s 14’ers is Breckenridge. Breckenridge holds the title of having the highest ski lift in North America with the Imperial Express Superchair shuttling riders to heights of 12,840’. We’re not sure why they named it something that Darth Vader would fly around in but the image of a Sith lord absolutely hucking cliffs on a snowboard is now burned into our mind. And what’s a better place to do it than the first major Colorado ski resort to allow snowboarding back in 84’. “They’re just dangerous!” they said and Breck responded with “Hold my beer”. Oh and dumb and dumber was filmed here, so there’s that too.

With 300 days of sun and 300” of annual snowfall there’s not much better weather for us mountain lovers. If you’re there in the summer the average temp of 70° during the day and 50° at night sure beats living over to the west in Utah where the average daily temperature seems to fluctuate between the inside of a blast furnace and the surface of the sun through the summer months.

Dimensions: 155mm x 155mm (6.1" x 6.1") 

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