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marmot basin

marmot basin

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Whether you are coming from Edmonton in the east or from Banff in the south, the one thing that can almost always be guaranteed with a trip to Marmot Basin is that the view is going to be spectacular. However, that view can come with the hefty price of frigid temperatures. As anyone from Jasper can tell you, they are home to the occasional "polar vortex", but that won't stop the true skiers and riders out there.

Boasting a modest 1,720 acres of terrain and 914 m of vertical, Marmot Basin offers its visitors a cheaper lift ticket than the mountains found in Banff without sacrificing any of the fun. With lift tickets like this you might think that the resort gets overpacked, when in fact it is just the opposite. Compared to other resorts this size, Marmot stays relatively quieter most days and any place that is able to maintain a high "mountain per person" metric is doing an amazing job in our books. Keep doing you Marmot!

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